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Don’t Be A Slave To The Gym Scale ! Weight Loss Is Equal Parts Exercise, Nutrition And Diet.


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Prograde Nutrition

Prograde Supplements are recommended by thousands of health and fitness professionals for their clients.The reason for this being that they trust the products. At Prograde Nutrition the efficacy of the products are tested and re-tested. Every raw ingredient comes with a certificate of analysis, then there’s further micro-biological tests to guarantee purity. The vitamin supplements are derived from 25 real food groups. There are no artificial sweeteners or sugar in any of the protein powder products. The krill oil (Omega-3’s) is of the highest quality found anywhere. This is just a small portion of the products carried by Prograde. Bottom Line… At STAC Fitness we’re never going to recommend a product that wouldn’t yield results, or worse be unsafe for our clients.

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