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Personal Training

weights-hdr1Why You Should Use A Personal Trainer

At STAC Fitness Center we encourage you to try out our Personal Training Services, and appreciate our existing client’s patronage. But we also understand that it’s the educated client and consumer that can commit to an exercise regiment and a progressive long term relationship with their trainer for all the right reasons. Therefore we do encourage potential clients, and clients of other facilities to read the following.

A Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals by designing a safe and effective program especially for you. A Fitness Professional should also be a source of motivation and encouragement to his clients. They should also be your go to resource for the latest information on health, Fitness and if qualified Nutrition. The right Trainer can help you manage your time and efforts towards achieving a dedicated plan of attack to help meet your Health and Fitness goals.

Now to obtain one start by asking colleagues, friends or your medical professional for possible recommendations. You can also do a Trainer Search on Fitness Governing Body websites, they will usually have a national directory of trainers they have certified. Personal Trainers may also be listed in your Local Business Listings in your area.

Certifications And Education

* Is the trainer currently certified by a nationally recognized organization?

* What was required within the certification process?

* Is continuing education required to  renew this certification?

* Does the trainer have a degree within a health or fitness related field?

* If the trainer recommends a nutritional program, is there any nutritional education?

* Does the trainer perform any health screenings or evaluations?

* Is the trainer also CPR / AED certified?

Experience And References

* How long have they been a personal trainer?

* What types of clients have they worked with in the past?

* Can they provide a reference list of clients which have had similar goals?

* Does the trainer carry their own personal liability insurance?

* Does trainer have a resource of health professionals such as physicians, physical therapists and nutrition specialists?

In closing your trainer should begin by learning about any past or current conditions. The trainer may also conduct some fitness tests to determine the best plan of action for your specific fitness level. In some cases this may lead a trainer to also ask for a medical release from a physician if warranted. Your trainer should have sources to help answer your questions or to refer you to someone outside of his realm of expertise.

Finally, the trainer you choose should be a good fit for you. You should get along well and be comfortable with them. The trainer should motivate and challenge you without intimidation and also understanding potential limitations. Your workout program should reflect your specific health and fitness goals. This should have been established during an initial interview. And always remember YOU ARE THE CLIENT.